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defiXions album review Kulturbloggen

defiXions debut album out soon!! Download at itunes

New video defiXions Down with Jesus

New video defiXions Piangero

Karlsmark interview Mitt I

Commando rewiew "Strand Stockhom" 091014

Commando "Artist of the month" mars 2009 Svenskt Rockarkiv

Commando M Pigg "Under Min Hud" live at Debaser, Stockholm

Commando M Pigg "Mot Stjärnorna" live at Debaser, Stockholm

Commando M Pigg "Rock´n Roll" live at Debaser, Stockholm

Commando M Pigg review Dagens Nyheter Debaser

Commando M Pigg photos Deaser 17/9 2008

Commando M Pigg calender Debaser

Commando M Pigg concert review Debaser Stockholm 17 sep 08 Ostra Smaland

More videos from Karlsmark/Jessica Nilsson

New Karlsmark video The Fish made by the Swe/Dan director Jessica Nilsson

A new KARLSMARK 7-track Ep will be released on Fuego in January 2008

A new compilation cd with Commando M Pigg will be released on MNW/Bonnier Amigo in January 2008

The album contains 19 tracks from Commandos whole career.

Postpunk compilation with Commando M Pigg

Photos The Wallenberg Stockholm University, March 7 -07

Flyer Wallenberg

Upcoming show with WALLENBERG at Neon Gallery in Brösarp April 7

Upcoming show with WALLENBERG at Kulturfeministfestivalen Fri. March 7

Commando M Pigg at Swedish television 1984, Interview.

Karlsmark at MySpace Commando M Pigg at MySpace Submachines at MySpace Karlsmark/Commando M Pigg at You Tube

Karlsmark signed a worldwide on-line contract with Fuego ( Germany). Download "Gonnabyeme" at

Watch Karlsmark at, Spitting Duckheads live, Interview

"Karlsmark ... has a musical talent beyond time and space."
Christer Paulstrup, Kristianstadsbladet. Read more from the review at the album below.

"An exiting Swedish songwriter and artist who has stayed away from studiorecordings too long, with Gonnabyeme Karlsmark starts a second carrier..."
Tomas Fridholm, Musikidustrin. Read more from the review at the album below.

"What´s your intention with the album?
- It originates from some kind of eagerness for revenge combined with a will to find my way back to the energy and music I did in the 80´s.
It´s a decade that people have many different opinions about, at least when it comes to music. But a lot of good things where made then.
Johan Lindqvist, Göteborgsposten. Read the whole inteview.(Swedish)



New album out now

Karlsmark: gonnabyeme

"... a quite exellent soloalbum - the first in his own name for more than eleven years... here is a creeping tension and a light feeling of attack which
cooperates meritoriously... an unexpected but pleasant return."
Christer Paulstrup, Kristianstadsbladet.
Read the whole review.

"Karlsmark´s meeting with modern studiotechnique is a pleasant experience... there are elements of both pop and artrock, the playfulness and the fantasy have no limits when Karlsmark sometimes offers sunny popmusic, on one track is rapping in Chinese and sometimes plays JJ Cale and sometimes offers powerpop of the highest carat." Tomas Fridholm, Musikindustrin.
Read the whole review.

Listen to soundclips:
Spitting Duckheads
Live a Little Longer
Face to Face





Buy the album here


New single

Karlsmark: spitting duckheads

"Rock with a twist - in invented Chinese."
Adrian Rosén, Lokaltidningen Mitt i Huddinge.

Watch the video, directed by the artist Ernst Billgren!

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